• Behavior of players and administrators on the CS: GO server

What if I was banned?

What to do if removed administrator rights?

Read carefully the rules of behavior listed below, if you do not agree with your ban, please contact the forum , if you want to make changes to the interpretation of the rules, contact the portal administration.

PS The administration of the project is not responsible if you went to the server resource and did not become familiar with the project rules!(Ignorance of the rules does not exempt you from liability).

PSS For violation of the rules, the punishment is at the discretion of the main administrator or moderators! 
For excessive use of administrative rights, admin panel is removed!

  • 1. Programs , models, scripts, and other tools that give an advantage over other players.

1.1. It is forbidden to use cheats (wh, aim, esp, norecoil, etc.).

1.2. It is forbidden to use scripts (bunny hop (a), etc.), with the exception of VIPs and Admins (on those servers where these privileges are installed).

1.3. It is forbidden to use macro scripts (programming actions on mice and keyboards).

1.4. It is forbidden to use card bugs.

1.5. It is forbidden to abuzit bugs and server flaws (including DDoS-attack).


1.1., 1.2. and 1.5. ban – permanent; 1.3 ban – 1 day .; 1.4. warning, kick, if you ignore the ban from 1 hour to 1 day (depending on the complexity of the situation).

Unbann: possible in case of discussion of any current situation on the forum and after consideration of the application.

  • 2. Сuss out and insults.

2.1. It is forbidden to insult in any form, provocation of players on the server, including grounded or unsubstantiated insults of players of our servers, as well as racism.

2.2. It is forbidden to repeatedly use the mat to both the players and the administration.


2.1. Mut from 5 minutes to 1 day, with a repeat situation: ban for 1 day.

2.2. Mut for 1 day, when you repeat the situation: ban for 1 day.

Unmut or Unbann: possible after the expiration or apology on the forum 

  • 3. Chat and microphone.

3.1. It is forbidden to spam and flood in the chat, and in the voice chat server, the phrases that you bind.

3.2. It is forbidden to include music in voice communication and play with a poorly tuned or broken microphone.

3.3. It is forbidden to call on other community servers that are not related to the project. (For this ban is given for 7 days !!!)

3.4. It is forbidden to impersonate a server administrator (For this, Ban is given for 7 days !!!)

Punishment: mutt from 5 minutes or ban. (at the discretion of the administrator)

Unmut or Unann: possible after the expiration or apology to the forum

  • 4. Advertising.

4.1. Banned advertising game projects, social. networking chat.

4.2. It is forbidden to create your own groups (social networks) and invite people there.

4.3. It is forbidden to advertise any streaming platforms and YouTube channels.

Punishment: ban for a week. For repeated violation more than 2 times – permanent ban (forever).

Unabann: possible only when considering the situation on the forum

  • 5. Discussion Donate services.

5.1. It is forbidden to promote not buy and heyt all types of donates that are provided on the project.

Punishment: ban or mut for 1 day.

Unabann: possible only when considering the situation on the forum

  • 6. Optional.

6.1. It is forbidden to ignore the Administrator. If you have not seen the message or you do not have a chat, etc., then this is your problem.

6.2. It is forbidden to beg for administrative rights and VIP privileges from the administration.

6.3. It is forbidden to impersonate an administrator who has admin privileges on the server. (Clause 3.4)

Punishment: 6.1., 6.2., 6.3. ban for up to 1 day. 
6.4., 6.5. Slay, kick, then ban for 30 minutes

Unabann: possible only when considering the situation on the forum 

  • 7. Administrator.

7.1. Must support the game so that it satisfies the majority of players regarding the server.

7.2. He has the right to ban a player by the rules for the period described in paragraph 1 above.

7.3. Has no right to use obscene language, insult players, as in voice and text chat. (Punishment: Reprimand)

7.4. He is obliged to explain the reason for the ban or kick to a person who has been banned or kicked, and at the same time he is obliged to prove this if there is an application for unban.

7.5. Not obliged to listen to explanations or any evidence if there is no application for unban or unmute.

7.6. It does not have the right to use the server administration tools for personal as well as entertainment purposes. (Punishment: Admin is removed)

7.7. Has the right to kick spectators, if the serv is full.

7.8. Administrators are not allowed to change the map without prior voting. (Command in console: sm_vote)

7.9. Administrators do not have the right to change the map after the voting server. (Automatic voting or rtv)

7.10. The curator, the sweeper, the moderator has the right to make an administrative decision if it is not spelled out in the rules.

7.11. The administrator is obliged to comply with the terms ban specified above. (Punishment: Suspending the admin until clarification of circumstances)

7.12. The administrator is obliged to be in the VC conference, be active and participate in the project life. (Punishment: Suspending the admin until clarification of circumstances)

7.13. The administrator must understand each situation and find from it the most successful solution to the problem.

7.14. The administrator is obliged to join the project VC group, is on the project website and read every day all the information on updates in the project. (Punishment: Suspending the admin until clarification of circumstances)

7.15. Administrators are strictly forbidden to indulge in-abuse administrative rights for personal use. (Punishment: Admin is removed)

7.16. The administrator is obliged to view the application for razban on the site and within 24 hours after the preparation of the application, must respond to this application. (Punishment: Reprimand)

7.17. The administrator must have a microphone on the server and talk only in voice chat. (Punishment: Suspending the admin until clarification of circumstances)

7.18. Administrators are strictly forbidden to write commands in the chat, such as:! Admin,! Mute,! Sm_admin, etc.

7.19. Administrators are strictly forbidden to discuss organizational matters regarding the project in the general voice chat, text chat on the server. (Punishment: Admin is removed)

7.20. Administrators are strictly prohibited to ban and stir up other server administrators. (Punishment: Admin is removed)

7.21. The administrator is obliged to advertise the resources of the project (site, Facebook group, admin and VIP privileges for sale) (Punishment: Reprimand)

7.22. The administrator is required to suggest ideas for improving the project. (Punishment: Reprimand)

7.23. The administrator is obliged to listen to the opinion of the creator of the project, ch. administrators, server moderators. (Punishment: Reprimand)

7.24. The administrator is obliged to warn the creator of the project, ch. administrators, server moderators in cases of no stay on the server for a certain period due to other circumstances (departure, illness, force majeure) (Punishment: Suspension of the admin until clarification of the circumstances)

7.25. The administrator does not have the right to set their rules on the servers. (Punishment: Admin is removed)

7.26. The administrator has no right to sell from his account on the site, admin panel to other persons. (Punishment: Suspending the admin until clarification of circumstances)

7.27. The administrator is obliged to familiarize themselves with these rules and comply with each paragraph. (Punishment: Suspending the admin until clarification of circumstances)

Punishment according to circumstances: At the discretion of the creator or ch. admin

  • 8. Moderator.

The moderator is obliged to comply with all the rules that are written in paragraph 7.

9.1. The moderator must understand each problem on the server where he has these rights.

9.2. The moderator has the right to reprimand administrators who do not follow the rules.

9.3. The moderator is obliged to check the banlist and mutlist of the project on the site every day. And conduct explanatory conversations with server administrators.

9.4. The moderator is obliged to offer ideas for improving the project and servers.

9.5. The moderator has the right to hold meetings with administrators for the purpose of preventive work.

9.6. The moderator must know each administrator who purchased the privileges on the server where he has these rights.

9.7. The moderator is obliged to contact with ch. project administrators and project creator.

9.8. The moderator is obliged to control the process on the game server, when admins can not cope with the responsibilities.

9.9. The moderator is obliged to help new administrators in the analysis of the server admin menu.

Rules will be edited or added !. Sincerely your project administration